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Jarryd Sunkel 

I am Jarryd Sunkel, the proud founder & owner of Durban Wedding DJ.I recently got engaged to my beautiful Fiancè, Emma who is a school teacher at a private school on the North Coast. I started my DJ career in 2003 and have 14 years of extensive Wedding & dance floor experience and have since been a part of many beautiful Wedding celebrations. My job is to make your feet hurt and I strongly believe I have mastered the art of successfully doing so. I have a great reputation for providing quality services in the Wedding & Corporate Industry.

Jarryd does Corporate..
Jarryd has also worked with many well-known Corporate Brands around South Africa including Grindrod, MTN, Spar, Nokia, Milady’s, Mr Price, Hirschs, Toyoda Gosei and many more. His most recent brand, KZN Corporate DJ was launched in the second half of 2014 after many years of Corporate experience. “My very keen interest on Photography has truly ignited the flame and got some positive responses from our Wedding Clients. Taking photos of our Dancefloors, decor, ceremony & reception is just an added bonus. I love creating memories and simply going the extra mile. In December 2015, I officially launched the offering of our latest Instabooth Photobooth services. ” As the saying goes “If you think hiring a Professional Wedding DJ is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur”



Wedding Ceremonies
Separate PA system for ceremony • Cordless Microphones • Facilities for live musicians
A great mix of music for your geusts while you head off for your Professional Creative shoot.
The Retro Photobooth is perfect for Pre-Drinks & your Reception and comes with unlimited printing. 
Wedding Receptions
We have thousands of professional templates available for you to choose from to suit any occasion.

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